12 Jul 2016

New York, New York

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  The most famous of them all; New York. The first place the Russians bomb, where all the aliens land and where everyone knows at least one famous landmark. When you are a kid and the lights of the city seem luring and enticing, New York is the one that shines brightest of them [...]

26 May 2016

Iceland – The land of fire and ice … and tourists

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  Iceland. The land where the police drive 4x4, the average native speaks better English than British people from the north and where you’re rarely alone. Anywhere. The first thing that strikes you when you walk up the main street is the sheer amount of tourists. Or maybe it’s more a lack of the [...]

25 May 2016

Cast away the bowlines

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  The early rays of sunshine had hardly even broken through on the outside. To early. Not really a morning person but today it didn’t really matter. Today it was finally time. Everything that I had worked so hard for the last six months with selling the house and sorting all practical arrangements. Giving [...]

12 May 2016

Why do we travel?

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  In the beginning of time man lived in the cave. It was a cozy place. Nice and warm from the fire. Dry and protected from the rain and the elements. Food was easily available and every now and then the cave-man got lucky with the cave-woman. Not to different from out living rooms [...]

3 May 2016

Gear and what I pack

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So here goes. One more of these standard packinglists that you have on every single site. Don't get me wrong, they're a good source when you start but it feels like some people take these a bit to seriously. And I don't mean the committed travelers. I mean the people you see with the 65L [...]

1 May 2016

Software and workflow on the road

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