The most famous of them all; New York. The first place the Russians bomb, where all the aliens land and where everyone knows at least one famous landmark. When you are a kid and the lights of the city seem luring and enticing, New York is the one that shines brightest of them all. The beacon of a country and the influence of millions. We all remember events that have taken place in this great city. From the good to the bad..

I have to say right off the bat that I love New York. Manhattan. The statue of Liberty. The women. The city that never sleeps. Sure it’s a busy place. It’s home to 8.5 million people, but walk through central park and you would think that you are in a small town. The tranquility is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a major city. Sydney might have come close but not quite. Eight point five million people. That’s the entire population of Sweden a few years back. All crammed into one small confined space.

Empire state building, wall street, Brooklyn bridge. So many iconic places. So many things that you remember simply by referencing a movie or a series. It feels like you’ve been in New York even before you’ve set foot there and I think that is exclusive to the Big Apple.
But New York has something that other major cities lack. Heart. It has a soul and a feeling that is what makes it a great city. Even though the people there might at first seem very private and uninviting, once you get to talk to them they’re quite alright.